Buddy with staff and skull
sacred staff and buddy
Buddy with staff and guns
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Budd With Sacred Staff and buffaloe Head

Mitakyue Oyasin" 'We are all one' _ Native American Lakota


Help protect Our Wolves

In Alaska they are hunting wolves from airpalanes shooting them and/or chasing them until they are exhausted and then land and kill then at gunpoint range. In Yellowstone area wolves are shot on sight if they stray beyond the protective range.

Go to tjhis websight to help us in thi sendeavor to save our precious wolves

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Casper ThunderHawk Guide Service

Welcome to an outdoor adventure you will never forget. Have you ever

wanted to go and hunt a wild buffalo or maybe a mule deer or how about a

prong horn antelope? Well then Casper ThunderHawk is your guide. He

specializes in all the above and more.

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The White Buffalo

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Prophecy Keepers.com

Here is a link to a page that will let you explore natural alternatives to health.

Check this sight out nanish.org

Here is a link To Congressman Jerry Costello's web site.

Here is your link to Senator Obama's Web site.

Here Is a Link to the Bethlehem Israel web page.All those who love The Lord Jesus Christshold click on this link and visit the town where he was born.

Read what the late Dr. Ghostwolf has predicted for mankind in the near future.This is a great site, "Buddy"

Read The Myths About General Custer

Visit Chief Rogers of the Cherokee Nation in Mexico

Native American Indian Crafts and Supplies

Native American Indian Craft Supplies resource for Enthusiasts Worldwide.

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Learn about the chemtrails our Government is using to kilkl us!!!

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