Buddy with staff and skull
sacred staff and buddy
Buddy with staff and guns
Buddy and acred staff2

Louisiana Swamp Hunt

Spring 2008

Below you will find a slide show of pictures taken during the Spring Swamp Hunt in the Spring of 2008. This trip was hosted by A-Nam-Tay-Say and local guides were used on the hunts. You will also see a few business cards of companies that cater to hunts and swamp boat rentals and visitors.

In the slide you will see the swamp boats, aligators and rats (swamp rats) as big as a large house cat and pictures of Buddy's family and friends. Those in A-Nam-Tay-Say's party are his wife Elain, Son Mike, Mike's daughter Avery, Mikes girl friend Chasity, a family friend Cindy.

Also in the picture with the family are the Airboat Tours owner Capt. Arthur Matherne and his wife Carol and Gorden of Gordens Professional Guide Service.