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Chief AJ

Tribal Mother Mrs. A.J. Huffer


I 57 Exit #212 at Route US 36
Tuscola, IL

Starting September 27, 2008 at 10:00 AM World Champion Rifle Shooter,
Chief AJ of the Central Illinois Cherokee Tribe learned that the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD BOOK did not have any Slingshot Shooting Records.
You are invited to come to the Big Red Barn and become part of a Guinness World Record Book Event.

70 year old Chief AJ of the Cherokee Native American Tribe will be attempting to hit thousands of flying disk in the air with a traditional forked slingshot. The Cherokee Chief will do this dressed in colorful Native American regalia for the National Outdoor TV show

Additional Contact Info:
Central Cherokee Council: Chief AJ (217) 253-2959 chiefaj@yahoo.com
Web Site for more info and photos: www.chiefaj.com

Souvenir Programs Provided By:

Your Slingshot Superstore and proud sponsor of Chief AJ
on his world record setting event…
www.slingshotsusa.com or
866.656.8099 (toll free)

Chief AJ’s slingshot powerbands provided by “Flatband”
Contact info: bassrule@optonline.net

Chief AJ in a field of Buffalo. I guess he is either really quiet or they don'tseem to see him.

John "Chief AJ" Huffer, Ordained Christian Church

Minister since 1962 and Bishop of the Native American Christian Church 2003.

While Chief AJ was preaching for a Tribal Gathering on Aug. 31, 2003 at Ravenden Springs the Spiritual Birth of the Native American Christian Church (NACC) happened from above on a gravel bar in Jane’s Creek. While Native Americans were being baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Heavens opened and the motto of the NACC was revealed, "Be a living page out of the New Testament". Sine then the Lord has added to the numbers of the NACC. Chief AJ has baptized many in lakes, creeks rivers and indoor pools.

May 1, 2004 the NACC church charter was first singed and now is open to all who believe that JESUS is the Son of the Great Father and have been baptized. The Chief wants you to belong to the NACC for that is belonging to JESUS!

Next step for JESUS is that Chief AJ will be training young Native Americans for the ministry of the NACC. If you are interested : chiefaj@yahoo.com

Click her to go to Chiefaj.com

Indian Christmas Prophesy 2005
A warning message to the United States of American from the Native American Christian Church, Bishop AJ.
Your founding fathers came to our land to be free to do Christian worship in their personal preference. They were blessed and prospered honoring the Son of God, Jesus. They taught us red people about the great Father sending His Son for our deliverance. They showed us how to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Then came your Manifest Density that is was your God given right to rule this land from coast to coast as a Christian Nation. It came to pass and now in 2005 you have changed your mind. You have done the "forked tong" thing again. Your dreams and payers were answered and a Nation of Christian Faith became strong.
Now you want the Christ Child out of Christmas, out of education, out of government and out of your Nation. Since the Christian Faith is growing among us Native American we may just get out land back! A Man!
Native American Christian Church
POB 131
Tuscola, IL 61953-0131

(217) 253-2959

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