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Below you will read prophecies related to the following two pictures.

This poicture was taken inside the tribal headquarters building at the Standing Rock Reservation in North And Southe Dakota Border. This picture as taken was of a room inside the headquarters but when it was downloaded to the computer this was the picture in the film. This was taken with a Kodak digital camera, This camera cannot take double exposures. Si this is truly a ghost picture of Chief Sittiing Bull. Three days befor ethis picture was taken A-NAm-TAy-Say and friends had pitched their tent for the night at the same spot where it is believed Sitting Bull had slept. It is bwelieved by many to be a prophecy messgae picture. One or two of these interpretations are told below.

Thi spicture was taken by the photographer and the deer walked right up to the edge of the raod where the photographer was taking the picture and just stood there looking at the photographer then turned and went back to the forest. Interpretations of this event are also listed below.

The prophecy that follows although not taken from these two pictures in inter-related. I received this after telling Shining Bear about what I heard the spirit of Chief Sitting Bull tell me what his "ghost" picture above was all about. As you read all three of these prophecies you will see that there definitely is an ending of this life as we know it very soon. Ya-Ik-Te

Patty 'ShiningBear' Boyer, 185 Boyer Lane, Titusville, PA 16354.

The name is not Indian but it was given to me by Spirit. One day I was having a very bad day. Everything was confusing me. I questioned my beliefs and how I was dealing with people, if I was doing the right thing. Later in the day (June) about an hour or more before sunset, I was driving down a two lane highway. There was not much traffic. AS I approached an open grassy field, I looked over and saw a HUGE shiny Black Bear. She was glistening in the sunlight, she was beautiful. I slowed way down and traveled beside her. She in the field and I on the highway. She was probably 50 yds away from me. She walked slowly along the field and I drove slowly, keeping pace with her. She would look over at me, many times she did that. She would look me right in the eye.

I began to cry, as I heard in my head that this bear was me. That I brought light to those who 'looked' upon me. I brought light to those whose life I touched. Just as she was bringing light to me when I needed it most. I then knew I was OK. My decisions were OK. And I have a new spirit name and guide, the Black Bear.

AS for the robin and Sitting Bull, listen to your heart, Buddy. What do you hear?

I was given a prophecy a few years back concerning Bush and our future. You will need to be self supporting, your own food, water, etc. You will need to hide and your neighbor will try to kill you for what you have.

Late in the Summer, or early Fall ( September ), we will experience, nationwide, a power meltdown. The grid will collapse. It will begin in the East, go West. Most of the South and SW will go down. Only a few spots, nationwide, will have power. Some of California, Someplace around Denver, A spot in Texas, and a small spot near but not in DC.

This will be caused by either a natural or man-made disaster. the event doesn't take out the grid but decisions made by the PTB will decide to shut down most of the grid. This will be done in an attempt to 'save' the grid. The disaster causes overloads and malfunctions if not shut down, destroying millions of dollars worth of equipment that would take MONTHS to try to repair to put us back 'on-line'.

This is going to essentially cause a social breakdown in the US. You and I will have no Electricity, no gasoline, no groceries, no phone, no radio or TV except for emergency broadcasts. You will only get those if you have battery operated radios or your own power source. People in the bigger cities will be in for the worst of it. No water, no law, no food. Killing will be rampant. Eventually the survivors will have to leave the cities. They will travel in waves, killing, stealing, taking what they can.

You and I, in the smaller cities will experience this also but on a smaller scale. If you live 'way back' in the woods and can 'Hide", you have a good chance to survive the waves of pillagers.

Meanwhile the weather is getting cold. People have no way by not to keep warm, fed, nothing. The governments then starts to gather all the remaining people and take them to camps. Hundreds of thousands of people in these camps under military law. People will need to try to avoid the camps if they can. the camps are NOT good. Soon there is an uprising among the campers. They are not Happy Campers. There becomes a civil war in the US.

Meanwhile , the president will still be doing what he does. He declares marshal law. Now when Marshall law (I think that what it is called) is declared, the then president of the US stays in Office until the marshal law is dropped. Meaning if it is Bush, it will stay Bush, regardless of elections or terms.

Things become interesting when the president disappears from public view. It will begin a month with "M", March or May. I don't know if the president is killed or goes into hiding. Soon after this , our country is invaded.

All the while this is going on, keep your eye out for the fractured light. The fractured light is the signal of great things to come that no war or ruler will influence. Many will die but the world will be changed. Some will call it the coming of the LORD. Some will call it cosmic storms. But be sure it will come. I was given a vision to show me what the fractured light would look like. Imagine it is later in the day, with moderate cloud cover. Rays of sunshine streaking down through the clouds giving it an almost divine appearance. This is what the fractured light will look like EXCEPT there will be no clouds. It will appear that maybe the sky is slightly hazy but the 'fractured light' will be everywhere.

I have done research to explain how this fractured light could occur. It definitely is possible with the events that are actually happening in the cosmos today.

I also researched the grid meltdown. This has already happened only in a much smaller scale in the last several years. Remember a few years ago when the east coast (New York) and general area went black? Where I live was effected by this. WE had no electricity for about a day and a half.

If the process of my research is needed, I could present it to you but it would be very difficult in the written word.