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In The Photo's Above Buddy, Mike and Chief A J At The Rifle Camp Tuscola, IL 10/28/06


NEW "SANCTIONED CHIEF A J RIFLE CAMP" near West Frankfort, IL. Just off Interstate I 57 exit 65. Buddy and Mike Hosick have completed their certified personal training with Chief A J.

CHIEF A J'S RIFLE CAMP: One day of intense shooting where you will learn to shoot trap out of the sky with a 22 cal. rifle. Also shoot quarters and paint balls out of the air. You will also learn to shoot the famous Remington 243 sniper rifle as used in Vietnam and the famous AR15 223 cal. rifle.
Cost is $250.00.00 per person. The cost includes use of camp rifles, ammo, drinks and Rifle Camp lunch. Camp is held in a secluded valley in Southern Illinois. Here's how setting up a camp shooting time works: Send in 50% deposit ($125.00) and your first choice of day, 2nd and 3rd. Upon compilation you receive a Rifle Camp Certificate.

(Prices vary at the two Rifle camps listed here)

To order call 618-937- 4060or for more details click here:


Or Contact Chief A J for the Central Illinois Rifle camp with Chief A J. There the Chief will confirm. (217) 253-2959 Chief A J, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953 chiefaj@yahoo.com or go to http://www.chiefaj.com

Camp is one day long and at the end of the Rifle Camp day you will have pushed your rifle shooting to high new levels. You are having a day of Rifle shooting that is going to really give you confidence for life. At the end of the day you will have new rifle handling confidence. You will have shoot running, rolling, hopping and flying targets with a rifle. You will fully understand the principle of  instinct shooting.

After this instinct rifle shooting class day you will improve your golf, bow, and other sport shooting and activities.

Email Chief A J and/or Buddy Hosick today and reserve your day of instruction to be an expert shooter.


Look at the spread on these horns. Shot by Soaring Eagle 2006.

Below are three pictures of Chief AJ shooting!

In The Pictures Above Chief A. J. is shooting a golf ball and a paintball Out Of The Air

and in the last picture of these three Chief A. J. is giving instructions At The Rifle Camp.

Watch this page for the announcement of the next Rifle Camp to be held in West Frankfort, IL

with certified A. J Huffer instructors Buddy and Mike Hosick.

Here are Chief A. J.  and Red Ryder At the Bloomington Il Gun and Knife Show

Apache Scout
Cherokee Sniper
Chippewa Hunter

Any of the above rifles are also available from A - Nam -Tay - Say

Just like the rifle below.

Long-Trang, Tricked Out Ruger 10/22 Rifle

(Long-Trang in vietnamese means "White Feather" who was Carlos Hathcock, a marine sniper and a good friend of mine.)

This rifle below as mentioned above was assembled and modified with delicacy for your sharp shooting. Truly a collectors item made in memory of my friend White Feather.

These rifles are being acquired every day, however, we have more in stock. Order now!!!!

The barrel of this rifle is an 18 inch heavy fluted bull barrel. The weight of the barrel is approximately 1.5 pounds. The twist is 1 in 16. The stock weighs 2.3 lbs. and just looking at it, speaks for itself . The scope is a cats eye full view scope. For more information on the scope go to: www.chiefaj.com

This rifle comes with two twenty five round clips and one speed loader. Also, this rifle at 100 yards can shoot a ten round shot group the size of a dime. A case for this beautiful piece is included.

Shipping price is a donation of $795.00 which includes shipping and handling.

(All Illinois residents are required to have an FOID card.)

Just like the rifle above, A - Nam -Tay - Say (Budd Hosick) will custom make any rifle of your choosing and trick it out for accuracy for your hunting and shooting pleasure.

For information and ordering this rifle or any other custom made rifle call Buddy at

(618) 937- 4060 or (618) 218-3103. .

You can email Buddy at algotto06@yahoo.com

My friend Chief A. J. sent me the following news using the Catamount Sighting System (Quick as a Cat). at his rifle camp.

After giving the Catamount Package a real workout Jason came to the conclusion that Chief A J's new improved Scout Concept is better. The Chief knew he could count on Jason Dye to shoot straight. It was cold and windy but Jason is a no excuse shooter with His fine tuned tricked out 10/22. The Chief says: "Thanks Jason, now I have the photo I was seeking"!!! (Note: The pieces from this bird came down at 40 yards. This means that Jason hit a target flying on edge giving him only 3/4" to put a bullet into while the clay is gong away at 55 mph in a wind drifting it to the left and Jason is shooting off hand, standing on His hind legs like a man!)

. Click here to see Jason Dye shooting trap with Catamount on the 10/22: RIFLE TRAP SHOOTING

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